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Senin, 15 November 2010

Hello friends, this time we will explain how to create a blogroll with marquee effect, in which this effect is in the blog link your blogroll will move from bottom to top or vice versa .... Of course with this blogroll also the look of your blog will be more cool ...
Ok, without further ado, we shall immediately explain the steps ...

1. Login to your Blogger 

2. On the dashboard, select the design

3. Choose a Page Element 

4. Select "add gadget", and select HTML / JAVASCRIPT 

5. Download the script code on the link below:

6. Once downloaded open the file and copy into the content box on your gadget 

7. There are several sections in the code that you can change, namely: 
Direction = up or down 
Width = specify the width as you like (preferably "150") 
Height = specify the height as you like (preferably "180")
Scrollamount = specify the level of movement speed links (the bigger the number, the faster the movement, and vice versa) 

8. Change address into the address / URL of your blog 

9. Change name mjie become a link / your friends concerned 

10. Save and View Results

Maybe it's just that once we can explain, thank you and good luck ...^^

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