Consuming Drug Wisely to Reduce Hazardous Waste

Senin, 09 Agustus 2010

As a precaution, we usually keep some kind of standard drugs at home. Among them there is no cure dizziness, diarrhea, fever, cough, and others. Moreover, to maintain the health of family members at home are also available several types of vitamins and minerals. There are times when, before the drugs and vitamins were finished, it turns out the date its use has expired.
Or, sometimes also drugs that are usually consumed, discontinued its use by physicians. And that is also often the case, who had purchased drugs at the suggestion of doctors, are not consumed for reasons lazy / forgot.

In fact, throw drugs into the environment so it turned out to be dangerous as well as remove toxins.
How to actually use and disposal of medicines is also a wise and environmentally friendly? These are tips on the use of drugs to minimize hazardous waste:
  1. So that we can minimize drug waste, starting with buying medicines wisely. 
  2. Buy OTC drugs (which do not need a prescription) to taste, according to the estimated needs of the users in a period of about one year. 
  3. Do not forget to check the expiration dates of drugs, before buying. Select a drug that is still quite a long time limit expired, so that drug ran out before it expires.
  4. Before you buy a drug free, check supplies at home beforehand, so as not redundant.
  5. For antibiotics, make sure that the illness was caused by germs that must be cured with antibiotics. This type of drug is a drug that should be drunk up, so its use should not be left over. We recommend this type of drug prescription, order number and duration of usage according to doctor's instructions.
  6. Symptomatic of drug or appropriate symptoms, can be used for the long term. This type of drug in the form of tablets, caplets or capsules with a separate package and can be used to limit expired during the wrap is not broke, do not change color and odor, tablet / caplet / capsule usually can survive up to five years. 
  7. For syrup drug, shorter-life after the seal is opened. 
  8. Reduce the habit of going to many doctors for a single disease. If necessary seek a second opinion, do not forget to inform your doctor medication that has been given previously. If you need to take the medicine. This is to avoid giving the same drug but with different trademarks.
  9. Save the rest of the drugs that have not been of-life in the refrigerator, for durability. The lower the storage temperature of the drug, the longer life of the drug. 

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